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   A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.

   Eleanor Roosevelt...

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Yes, You Can Label This A "Face Mask" But There Are 2 Master Ingredients.  One Is Designed By The Sacred Art Of Alchemy, Which Is The Power Center Of This Formulation. This Master Ingredient Creates An  Amplified Surge Of Quantum Physical Behaviors, Which On A Large Scale Can Help You Acquire Visible Health And Anti-Aging Benefits.

The 2nd Is One Of the Greatest Discoveries In Chemistry, Winning A Nobel Prize In Chemistry.  It Is A Spherical, Soccer Ball Shaped MoIecule, And Is A Form Of Elemental Carbon Made Up Of 60 Atoms.

It Is The Only Molecule Of A Single Element, To Form A Spherical Cage.  Carbon Is The Basis For Most Of The Molecules Of Life.  Suspended In Olive Oil, Initial Studies Increased The Lifespan Of Rats With No Known Negative Side Effects Up To 90%

Immortal Skin Shield Provides A Solid Defense To Deflect The Arrows Of Environmental Poisons Of The Modern World, Which Continually Assault And Attempt To Penetrate Your Skins Protective Shield Causing Premature Aging & Health Concerns.

This Defense Gives Your Skin And Body The Chance To Burst With New Life And Renewal. 
You Must Experience This In Order To Understand The Full Positive Impact It Will Have On Your Life.
                                  I'll Explain More:

I am a professional cosmetic formulator, which does involve some basic knowledge of chemistry.
In a way, cosmetic formulation, is a specific kind of learned science.
I am also a 20 year, devout holistic researcher and believer in the saying:
God Heals His Creation WITH His Creation...Not Chemicals!

As the founder and formulator of an award winning, five star rated
skin cream company called Immortal Opulence,
I decided to push things over the edge.

Immortal Opulence on it's own, is a very unusual and potent anti-aging skin cream,
designed specifically for optimal skin health, with some very healthy side benefits.

Immortal Skin Shield  Face Mask Is In A Completely Different Realm.

Immortal Skin Shield is about whole health, with the benefit of amplified skin health.

With the use of an ancient, alchemic master ingredient and
other primordial ingredients, I have created a compound (in the form of a face mask cream)
which gains entry through the skin of your face and can tremendously
enhance your health and your skin.
The results are staggering.

Immortal Skin Shield.

A Protective Shield
To Deflect The Daily Hellfire Of Toxic Arrows
Assaulting Your Skin, Organs And Well Being.

What Does It Take To Significantly Stop The Constant Assault And Fix It?

During my research, I re-visited these 2 ancient compounds which I had my eye on
but never dug in deep to understand it's qualities until recently. 
It's proclaimed to have spiritual elements to it, dating back to biblical times.

The Master Ingredient. 

It is created by a certified,
Reiki Master/Alchemist and the end result, 
the research suggests, it may have a direct link with consciousness.

This means an enhancement to your mind, thoughts, intuition,
and pin point decision making.
Higher consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of your surroundings and
your self, with deeper, calmer, clearer perceptions and much more!

Your skin just happens to reap immense benefits...and does it ever!

Now you may be thinking what I originally thought; 
this seems a little strange and if I use this "face mask cream" what's it going to do? 
Many (including myself) feel  a sense of calm and peace;
stable health equilibrium, soft, poised energy and unusually tight, youthful skin.

What a great life enhancement!

It has the potential to re-boot your cells and
help protect and repair broken DNA.

Your facial skin is a safe entry point for Immortal Skin Shield.

The key was to identify the speciific percentages of each ingredient and
a specific amount of the 2 Master Ingredients.

On the 1st try,  it was perfect!
Guess it was meant to be.

Quite frankly, I really don't know what to compare it too.
This Is Groundbreaking And Garnering Much Attention.

In Connecticut, where Immortal Skin Shield is created,
it has become a fascination
to many people from all walks of life.

The ingredients are safe, rare and authentic in every way.
They are very expensive to obtain.

Most companies use imitation ingredients
which are easily obtained. 
They are weak, chemically infested, disappoint and underachieve.

Many people are fooled;  be careful.
You will always get what you pay for.

Now having said that:

If you want an experience where anti aging skin care,
essentially eclipses the sacred sanctity of power, health and youth,
then it will be

Immortal Skin Shield.

A Face Mask From A Higher Plane.

Now You Get To See
The Ingredient Profile
And Purchase Opportunity.

And Included Free: 

Is The Award Winning
5 Star Rated
Immortal Opulence
Serum And Cream Kit.

The Perfect Marriage!


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Myself - Richard Fanelli Formulating In My Lab At The Red Barn Holistic Arts Center In Durham, Ct.
Come For A Visit And See My Formulation Lab.
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