No Need To Kill Em.
  Totally Cruelty Free.

    Just Keep Em Off Your Walls 
            Off Your Ceilings,
      Out Of Your Bedroom And
           Out Of Your Home!
+Non Toxic Spray Mist. 
+Made With Essential Oils.
+Professionally Formulated.
+An Aroma We All Love But
   Spiders And Bugs Hate!
+Repels Spiders And Keeps Em
  Away...Far Away From You
  And Loved Ones.


Makes Spiders Exit Your Home Like
Fire In A Crowded Theater.

Hi.  I'm Jack Nasty

Mind If I Drop In?

Environmentally Friendly & Totally People Safe.
Guaranteed To Work Or Return The Empty Bottle For A Full Refund!

       All You Do Is Lightly Spray My Patented Spider Fighter Around The 
   Desired Room(s) Where Your Wall Meets The Ceiling.  Spray Inside Closets,
            Behind Appliances Or Wherever You Are Used To Seeing Spiders.

 Totally Safe And Has A Marvelous, Soothing Aroma...But Spiders Hate It!
      Did You Know Spiders Smell With Their Legs?  Believe It Or Not Yes.
   My Special Blend Of Highly Researched Natural/Organic Essential Oils, 
      Produces A Clean, Safe, Non-Staining Mist. Which You Apply Once Or
 Twice Per Week.  This Aroma Is Detected By Spiders And Other Bugs And
 They Leave YOUR HOME Looking For A Much More Desirable Home To
         Live, Spin Webs And Lay Their Hundreds Of Eggs.  Cruelty Free.
One Generous 16 oz. Bottle Of  Spider Fighter Lasts 3 Months!
  Many Companies Try To Cheat You And Give You Small Amounts Of Product 
 Lasting Only A Month Or Less.  Not Us.  You'll Get Enough To Last You A Long
Time And If It Doesn't Work - Send It Back For A Full No Hassle Refund Period.

There Are Cheaper Products On The Market...But Cheap Means Weak.

Spider Fighter is potent and will work. 
You'll Always Get What You Pay For.

Yes I Want To Get Rid Of Spiders!

I Don't Want To Kill Em...

I Just Want Them To Stay Away From My House, My Windows, Off My Ceilings And                          Just Go Away.

Large 16 Oz Bottle

19.97 + Shipping.

No More Spiders Guaranteed

Lasts 3 Months - Breaks Down To 5 Bucks A Month

Instruction Sheet Included
Fast 3 Day Priority Mail

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