Frequently asked questions

How Do I Use Immortal Skin Shield Face Mask?

After washing your face, showering or bathing, dry off and tamp face dry.
Pump 20 pumps into your hand of Immortal Skin Shield Face Mask and rub your hands and massage onto your face neck and hands. It will go on somewhat thick. Let sit and absorb into skin for about 20 minutes. Then take a damp-warm wash cloth and gently wipe face clean. No rubbing required.

Follow up with your favorite serum and /or skin cream. Immortal Opulence is a great serum and cream too, if you don't want any chemicals on your face. Do this 3 times per week about 1 - 2 hours before bedtime.

Remember; Immortal Skin Shield Face Mask isn't just a skin cream or mask. It is meant to benefit your health and well being and the side benefit... is the revitalization of your skin.

There Are So Many Ingredients To Choose From.
Why Were These Ingredients Chosen?

It is a blueprint carefully designed to work with the Ormus Gold amd C60 Carbon Olive Oil.
Here is an example:

When you're cooking your favorite meal, you know what spices and herbs create that perfect balanced flavor.
Some spices or herbs , even though delicious on their own, would not be appropriate in your recipie. It would through the flavor off. It would ruin the perfection of the dish.
It just woulldn't work.

Same goes for Immortal Skin Shield. Yes, there are many ingredients to choose from.
They wouldn't work in this formulation. It would skew the precision of what it is.

Are There Any Chemicals Or Synthetic s Of ANY Kind?

Not one drop!

What If By Chance I Don't Like It?

Just Click On The "Contact Us" Button And Call Us And You Will Be Refunded Every Penny Within 3 Business Days. That simple!

Can I Receive A Discount?

Yes! Only If You Are A United States Military Veteran Or A Relative Of A Veteran. You Will See The Veteran Discount Order Option In The Order Section, You Will Receive $50 Dollars Off The Retail Price. No proof of relation is necessary. We put our trust in your honesty.

Other ThanThat There Is No Discount. You have to realize, these ingredients are very hard to obtain and very expensive. There are so many counterfeit ingredients on the market. You are getting the real deal here and this product therefore, is not cheap and is time consuming and very tedious and labor intensive to make.

Is This Product Safe And Will It Make Me Feel Nervous Or Uncomfortable?

Immortal Skin Shield is a serious natural product. The Master Ingredient (ormus gold) is a refined element devloped by the art of Alchemy which has been around since medieval times.
It captures the esscence of gold, paltnum and silver without the harmful effects of heavy metals.
It's a fine art which requires a high degree of mastery.

There is NO heavy metal contamination and all the ingredients are powerful yet come from natural sources. Most individuals including myself and family haven't felt this good ever.
You will feel a sense calm and balance with a soft, sustained energy throughout the day and your skin naturally joins in this process where positive, visible changes to your skin occur as a side benefit.

Once you feel and see what Immortal Skin Shield does, I believe your going to love it.

How Do I Know You're Not Some Fly-By-Night Company?

My name is Richard Fanelli - founder and formulator of my award winning parent company
Immortal Opulence. I am a member of the BBB with 5 Star Official Client Testimonials.
Visit my web-site for your own peace of mind.

Additionally, I am a professional formulator and all my formulations are designed and created in my private lab at The Red Barn Holistic Arts Center. 352 Main St - Durham, Ct.
I will be more than happy to meet with you in person and give you a tour of the facility as well as my lab.

Immortal Skin Shield is a serious product with authentic ingredients. The research put into this product came from many avenues. If this product were not safe or was disingenuous, you know I would have the BBB, Postal Inspectors, The FDA and The Dept. of Consumer protection all over me.

It's important to keep you safe and not tarnish myself nor my company.

Obviously I am being as transparent as possible with nothing to hide.
Just hit "Contact Us" and let me know if you would like a tour. By appointment only.

I hope this shows you business integrity and will earn your trust and your business.


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